Our Services


Mindfulness for Parents and Children

In home counselling support for children and families that is tailored to the unique needs and circumstances. Treatment is focused on helping children and families incorporate evidence based mindfulness practices into their home and every day life.

We also provide workshops for children geared towards their mental health and well-being, using CBT, arts and play therapy, mindfulness and yoga techniques, with the goal of building coping and resiliency skills.

Parent education workshops focus on a variety of relevant topics, including child mental health, mindful parenting, raising resilient children, understanding temperament ad goodness of fit, attachment, etc.


Professional Development Education Workshops/Practical Frame work and Curriculum

In classroom, teachers/educators often have a very challenging task of behavior management and meeting curriculum goals and reaching different needs of the differing learning styles of children in their class.


Let it Go! Helps classrooms function better by incorporating important aspects of child mental health and wellbeing using mindfulness principles that are very easy to integrate into regular curriculum and which leave teachers feeling more relaxed and calmer, as well as the children better behaved and more capable of focusing and participating.

Professional Development workshop for educators and school staff is very important and Let it Go offers a variety of topics on infant child mental health, affects of trauma and mental health on developing brain, anxiety management, behavior management, mindfulness practices as well as teaching to different temperament and learning styles, etc.


This can be also be used ideally in child care centers for children under 3 and also in family doctor’s office. Anxiety and mental health are pressing concerns in schools currently and therefore having specific techniques introduced early on I pivotal for long term coping and mental health


Facilitation and On Site Support

Send mindfulness and mental well being experts on site to your office or organization to help train professionals and assist staff in incorporating self-care and stress management principles so that they improve their own mental health and well being and can be present and joyful in their daily lives.