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Customized Workshops featuring a unique combination of Mindfulness & Aromatherapy
  • Learn the role of aromatherapy in conjunction with mindfulness techniques to help support your mental and emotional health and wellbeing
  • For adults, families, students, organizations and/or children - programs are customized to the group and individual
  • Workshops can include:
* sensory exploration
* breath-work
* creative and imaginative activities
* meditation, movement
* group sharing, stories

  • Children and their caregivers will learn effective tools to improve mental and emotional health and easily incorporate these practices in daily life to assist with:

* calming & managing stress and anxiety
* improved self awareness & regulation
* more effective problem solving skills,
* more positive sense of self and others

  • Parent workshops will help them develop tools to better manage their own stress/anxiety as well as supporting their children’s mental health and wellbeing.

  • Staff/Organization development workshops will help teachers incorporate mindfulness and aromatherapy into the classroom with children, as well as assist them in managing their own daily stress more effectively and include the value of self-care in their line of work.

+MindScents is an innovative partnership between
Joanne Weitzman of Let It Go Mindfulness Services
and Cindy Snider of All The Right Oils

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