Mindfulness for Children & Parents
*Now Offered Online*


  • Personalized in-home and online counselling support for children and families in all circumstances including trauma and child/family mental health, and well being, as well as early intervention and prevention for children and families.

  • Initial assessment determines unique child and family needs and goals.​ Treatment is tailored and focused on helping children and families incorporate evidence based mindfulness practices into home and every day life.

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for Parents & Families

  • We work with families to further develop life skills and a specialized mindfulness toolkit for managing emotions, stress, and life circumstances that will be helpful and useful for the long term.

  • This work together will introduce specialized mindfulness techniques for calming, relaxation and self-awareness of mind and body connection, progressively expanding on skills each week.


  • We work with families with children ranging from infants to 13 years of age.

  • We currently offer online video chat services individually with child or children alone, as well as parent and child and whole family work depending on specific needs.

+ Children Play Therapy

+ Personalized Mindfulness Practice

+ One on One Counselling

+ Parent Education Workshop

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