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Mindfulness for Children & Parents
*Now Offered Online*


  • Parent & Caregiver Group Workshops

  • With Children (ages 4-7, 8-10, 10-13): learn self-management, self-awareness, and social and emotional skills, as well as generally reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus and concentration and general resilience for life.

  • Use CBT tools and mindfulness to better manage themselves, their behavior and their social interactions.

Explore our Online Events

for Parents & Families

  • Other activities include: dance, drama, and mindful science experiments

  • Children’s workshops can be done in home or at school virtually)

  • Parent education workshops on a variety of relevant topics including: child mental health, mindful parenting, raising resilient children, understanding temperament and goodness of fit, social and emotional intelligence, etc.

  • Therapeutic groups for children and adults incorporating evidence informed principles that I have extensive training in as a MSW.

+ Children Play Therapy

+ Personalized Mindfulness Practice

+ One on One Counselling

+ Parent Education Workshop

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