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Learn more about how to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life to let things go, live in the moment, improve mental health and equip our children and ourselves with a mindful tool kit.




Mindful Tips Handouts


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  • Managing Back-to-School stress & anxiety

  • Parenting strategies for relaxation and tips for creating quiet time and space for you and your child/children

  • Using mindfulness to manage sleep

  • Mindful Eating tips

  • Improving child self worth and self-esteem




  • How to create a mindful classroom, even during a pandemic

  • How to support emotional well being of students & nurture a positive environment

  • How to support your own self care and wellness during the pandemic as a teacher



Mindful Tips include handouts & resources:

  • My Mindful Brain

  • My Mindful Traffic Light

  • Mindful Parenting tip sheets

  • Mindful Breathing

  • & More!


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The act of self-care empowers you and improves your daily life and relationships with your loved ones.

Take a moment to fill out the checklist and see how you are currently doing with the four aspects of self-care.

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Further Reading

The following articles are great resources for anyone looking to learn more about the impact mindfulness can have on children.

Mindfulness for Children by David Gelles - The New York Times

Evidence for the Impact of Mindfulness on Children and Young People by Katherine Weare - The Mindfulness in Schools Project