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Let it Go! Mindfulness Services integrates mindfulness into a practical curriculum to help children and adults adopt mindfulness techniques to live in the moment, reap the benefits of letting things go and improve coping capability from within.

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Mindfulness for Children & Parents


  • Develop mindfulness to build resiliency and emotional management skills

  • For Children up to 13 yrs and/or Parents

  • One-on-One Counselling


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Programs for Families

Teachers / Educators
Practical Frame work and Curriculum
  • Learn applicable mindfulness techniques for the classroom

  • Build your mental health foundation and resilience

  • Interactive workshops for students and/or Teachers

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Facilitation and Virtual /
On-Site Support
  • Support your team with mindfulness training
  • Virtual modules to enable your staff
  • Customized program for specific needs

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Programs for Organizations

At "Let it Go! Mindfulness", we redefine mindfulness by crafting a personalized and practical mindful curriculum to work for you!  Every individual adult or child can find quiet moments and slow down and find ways to be more patient with themselves and life. We simply make it easier to bring mindfulness into everyday life.
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