Let it Go! Mindfulness Services integrates mindfulness into a practical curriculum to help children and adults adopt mindfulness techniques to live in the moment, reap the benefits of letting things go and improve coping capability from within.

At "Let it Go! Mindfulness", we redefine mindfulness by crafting a personalized and practical mindful curriculum to work for you!  Every individual adult or child can find quiet moments and slow down and find ways to be more patient with themselves and life. We simply make it easier to bring mindfulness into everyday life.

Ways we can work Together
Mindfulness for Children & Parents


  • Personalized and private in home counselling support for children and families in all circumstances including trauma and child/family mental health, and well being, as well as early intervention and prevention for children and families.

  • Initial assessment determines unique child and family needs and goals.​ Treatment is tailored and focused on helping children and families incorporate evidence based mindfulness practices into home and every day life.

  • We work with families to further develop life skills and a specialized mindfulness toolkit for managing emotions, stress, and life circumstances that will be helpful and useful for the long term.

  • This work together will introduce specialized mindfulness techniques for calming, relaxation and self-awareness of mind and body connection, progressively expanding on skills each week.


  • We work with families with children ranging from infants to 12 years of age.

  • We offer services individually with child or children alone, as well as parent and child and whole family work depending on specific needs.

Parent Education Workshops:

Mindful Parenting Series

  • Explore how stress impacts children and adults a like and how important self-care and identifying your and your children’s stressors are.

  • Equip your family with a mindful toolkit that will ensure best outcomes. 

  • Supportive and connected environment, where you can join other parents to relax, rejuvenate and reflect.

+ Children Play Therapy

+ Personalized Mindfulness Practice

+ One on One Counselling

+ Parent Education Workshop

Teachers / Educators
Practical Frame work and Curriculum
  • Let it Go! Mindfulness Services provides a wide range of specialized professional development training workshops on a range of topics surrounding mindfulness, self-care and children’s mental health and well being. 

  • We offer educator wellness evenings and events as a way of encouraging self-care and wellness for your school or childcare center.

  • In classroom support can be done as individual consultation for a certain student or for the entire class to create a specialized mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy framework to support classroom engagement, mental health and well being.


+Classroom Workshop for Students

+Educator Mindfulness Workshops

+Mindful framework for Professionals


Facilitation and On-Site Support
  • For community centres and children’s mental health and well being organizations.
  • Available for consultation to support staff around mental health and trauma both vicarious and working closely with children and families. 
  • With over 10 years’ experience in counselling and assessment, as well as workshops and training for children and families who have experienced trauma or abuse and need support around mental health and well being.

  • We provide group consultation for organization staff or on-site crisis support if needed.

  • On site professional development training involving specially tailored workshops to ensure optimal benefits to specific needs of your centre and staff.

+Facilitator for Customized Mindfulness Series

+On Site Support Staff to work alongside Your Staff

+Staff Training and Workshops

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